One thought on “Contact Me

  1. Susan, I just read the article on you in The Forum magazine and went to your website and viewed your art works. I am so impressed and happy for you. I am a member of The City Art Works Group here in Minden, LA, and we have space in our building on Main Street that we have guest artist show their works from time to time. I was wondering if you would do us the honor of sponsoring you maybe early next year to have a showing of some of your paintings. We have a pretty good size gallery and would be honored to have you as a guest artist. I would love to hear from you and hopefully convince you to come to Minden and look us over at your convenience. We have a core of artist that sponsor and use space in the Art Works building, and we enjoy sponsoring and viewing the art of other artists. Please consider us in your future upcoming shows. If you would like to call me, you may reach me on my cell phone 318-505-2009. Thanks for your time. Good luck! Steve W.

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